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PRE-GAME meal in practice + our soccer players’ top 6 choices

PRE-GAME meal in practice + our soccer players’ top 6 choices

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You’ve probably wondered more than once how players eat, what rules they follow when composing pre-game meals, and finally what their favorite dishes are.

Today you have the opportunity to “look” into their plates and get some inspiration!

There are several classic (though, not always universal) rules when it comes to composing a pre-match meal:

  1. The pre-game meal should to be well tolerated, tested, familiar to the player.
  2. The dominant macronutrient is carbohydrates, usually 2-4g / kg body weight with the addition of protein (from our experience rather small) such as parmesan, poultry, sometimes fish. Players usually avoid excessive amounts of vegetables in this meal. If this is an addition such as tomato sauce, pesto, a handful of steamed vegetables. Olive oil usually occurs as a source of fat, also in a small amount. Sometimes there is a small dessert in the form of e.g. a piece of yeast cake, apple pie.
  3. The meal is previously tested and often repeated in the player’s routine.
  4. It is usually low-medium fiber (durum noodles more than rye, basmati rice not brown rice etc.)
  5. About an hour before the start of the warm-up, in most cases an additional carbohydrate snack up to 1g / kh body weight carbohydrates will work well, such as a fruit bar, fruit or a rice cake.
  6. For some players (in particular those who do not like to eat much on the day of the match) we use additional carbohydrate supplementation such as SiS’ PRE-90.










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