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Interview with Marissa Kastanek

Interview with Marissa Kastanek

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What was the reason you decided to reach out to us?

I decided to reach out to Be Compleat because I knew my career would not reach maximum potential if I didn’t start fuelling my body right. As I am not getting any younger my body needs proper nutrition so that I can extend my career as long as possible at the level in which I want to play. After speaking to one of my teammates and how changing her nutrition habits with Aga and the Team I knew this was meant for me.

What was your perception of working with a dietician prior to working with Be Compleat?

Prior to getting to Be Compleat Prosport program I just thought people who got a nutritionist or dietician were “health freaks” and they would only eat gross and healthy and natural things. I didn’t think I could do that nor did I want to.

How would you asses the process after 6 months?

The process has taught me so much. I am learning how to fuel my body like we fuel a car. I see what my body needs and I give it— no more or less. Aga and the Team have been helping me each and everyday to learn a lifestyle that will stick with me for generations. Working with the Team has been very easy and has been one of the most enriching processes I have done as a pro athlete.

What are the main benefits you see from cooperation?

I can see progress! I see how much I have grown since day 1 and I can just feel a difference in my body. I can see that working with the Team has made me more confident in my food choices and it has really shown me how essential nutrition knowledge is. Another great benefit of working with Aga is that she never gets tired of my questions or comments and she is always there if I need help with something.

In 5 words how would you describe the Prosport process?

Journey, discovery, learning, redefined, powerful.
In one sentence: developing habits for life change.

Would you recommend getting in to a process to a pro athlete? If yes, why?

100% recommend doing the whole process. It has taught me but the results are amazing. This is an investment for my future self. I am giving my retired old lady self a gift 😉. If you are serious about becoming the best you can be there needs to be a nutrition plan in place.

Nutrition may seem like a small part of your journey because you have always been fine but when you really invest in this side of your game you will see so many doors become wide open. I highly recommend you invest in yourself & start treating nutrition like you treat your skill workouts.


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