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5 QUESTIONS TO: Gerard Oliva

5 QUESTIONS TO: Gerard Oliva

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Quick facts:

  • Gerard Oliva is a professional footballer, a representative of Spain.
  • He is a player of the Gimnàstic de Tarragona club.
  • He began working with Be ComplEAT from the beginning of the 2019/2020 season.



1. Why did you decide to work with Be ComplEAT? What it helps you with?


I decided to work with Be ComplEAT because I got very good references from my friends about Agnieszka and because I wanted to have best levels of energy during my days, my trainings and my games. It helps me a lot because I feel huge difference since I begin this cooperation.

2. What has changed since you started the cooperation?


Since I started working together I felt better levels of energy, better digestion, I’m less tired during games and I recover faster. I changed my nutrition but also I learned to understand how I was eating before, wheee my mistakes are and what makes the difference now.


3. What was the most difficult aspect of changing your nutrition?


It was not difficult for me, It was a pleasure to finally feel better eating and also I don’t have any food forbidden so this makes me feel good that I can eat sometimes some cheat meal and still achieve my goals.

4. What gives you having a nutritionist alongside? What surprised you?


It gives me the tranquility to know that I have an expert that supervises my nutrition constantly.

It was a good surprise to see that you Aga is available for me when I need her. Accordingly  to how I feel she can change or add me some foods that will be optimal at a certain moment( like the pregame day she adviced  me to have pizza at one point when my energy was down).

5. After your injury – what were the key components of a successful recovery process?


The key was to be surrounded by the best professionals (dietitian and personal trainer). That makes a huge difference and allowed me to come back without any injuries after a long time without playing.



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