Be Compleat

Client Assistant

Marta Świder

I am Client Assistant at Be Compleat. I take care of good communication between dietitians and
patients, efficient organization of the schedule and administrative issues. I take part in the creation of
Alloweat platform and publishing content on social media.

I graduated with a degree in art history from the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow and currently
I am studying dietetics at the Cracow University of Health Promotion.

Dietetics has not been at the center of my interests forever. At one time I myself struggled with
overweight and eating disorders. I have a history of major reduction, and the desire to understand the
the mechanisms that caused it, gave birth to a fascination with a new discipline. Private experiences are
extremely useful and are a source of inspiration in my daily work with patients. They allow us to better
understand their needs and help in selecting the most optimal solution.

I am most interested in issues of sports dietetics and psychodietetics.

In my free time, I regularly strength train. I am passionate about art history, tailoring and
reconstruction of ancient costume. I value contact with people and enjoy trying new things.

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