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5 QUESTIONS TO: Aleksander Buksa

5 QUESTIONS TO: Aleksander Buksa

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We started working with Olek 2 years ago and… a few nice kilos ago. Because getting stronger and getting to a higher physical level were the main goals at the beginning of our cooperation. We asked the athlete why exactly he decided to follow the #prosport process. Have a nice lecture!

  1. Olek, why did you decide to work with us?
    My main reason was the desire to explore nutrition and work on physical parameters.
  2. How were you imagining working with a nutritionist before working with us?
    My ideas about working with a nutritionist were based on constant good contact with the nutritionist and flexibility within the framework of possible modifications to the nutrition plan. All these aspects were included in the cooperation with Be Compleat.
  3. What have you taken from the cooperation?
    What I took from the cooperation was the knowledge that helps me function in professional sports, and the ability to adapt my dietary preferences to a specific moment in the weekly microcycle.
  4. The biggest surprise?
    Honestly? Nothing surprised me in the cooperation, because when I started working with BeCompleat I knew about their professionalism in working with their charges. I would recommend the cooperation to any athlete, because of the possibility of achieving even better results.
  5. In 5 words, how would you describe the Pro Sport process?
    Building nutritional awareness and analysis.

Thanks for the interview!


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