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Yes, we can connect via Zoom or WhatsApp.  However, if it is possible, we encourage a meeting in our center not only to get to know each other, but also to conduct tests.

Yes. At Be Compleat, we believe in investing in young players who are the future of sports.  That is why we run a support program for young athletes and provide a 50% discount on the entire process for athletes under 18 years of age.


No, we also run consulations remotely.  If we work remotely, we ask you to provide us with analysis from the club or to perform on-site tests.

All materials necessary to start collaboration and conduct strategic consultations will be given to you after the first contact with us and setting the appointment date.

Yes, you may be accompanied by another person who will support you in implementing your nutritional strategy.

Tests and measurements

During the Pro Sport dietary collaboration, we perform the Pro Athlete package.  If you work with us remotely, we will ask you to send us a body composition and weight analysis or to perform them on-site.

The data allows us to more precisely define the aims of collaboration, establish the starting point and optimize the nutritional and supplementation strategies. 

The description regarding the preparation for tests can be found here [pdf] (description concerning preparation for Compleat Pro Athlete)


The nutritional strategy is a set of tools that we will use when working together.  It includes a baseline analysis, goals, body composition and weight analysis, and test reports.  In addition, we help organize your nutrition, we develop recipes for you that serve as an educational element in the process.  They are adjusted to your goals, health condition and taste preferences; divided into non-training days and days with different training loads.

Depending on the sports discipline and the period in which we collaborate, the nutritional strategy also takes into account:

  • adjustment of training and starting power,
  • a nutrition and hydration plan in the days preceding the match or the competition,
  • planning carbohydrate loading before the competition,
  • practical tips on nutrition while traveling,
  • supplementation.


It involves continuous contact with a dietitian and daily updates.  This allows us to solve nutritional problems on an ongoing basis, adjust nutrition to current training and matches or competitions, and obtain effective nutritional education.

Usually contact takes place via the WhatsApp app, during in-house or remote control consultations or another form of contact specified during the collaboration.  We try to be available whenever the athletes need us, but in order to define the timeframe we are available between 10:00 and 18:00.

In step 4. of the collaboration, contact the dietitian by e-mail or call the Client Assistant at +48 694 932 247.

Formal issues

Please contact us to discuss the details:

A client assistant or dietitian will contact you to discuss the possibilities of establishing collaboration.


It is possible to pay in cash, by card or by bank transfer.

Yes, we issue an invoice after paying for the cooperation and receiving the necessary data.

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